The Making of Chickens ‘n Kittens, Part 2

This is Part 2 in the Making Of Chickens n Kittens series. Part 1 is here.

Click the image below to see a gameplay video from a very early version of CnK. This is a good example of what the original concept of the game was going to be. (Note: there is no audio)

The player controls the little guy on the center of the screen, and he throws grenades. The white and red things are very early versions of the chickens. There are no kittens yet. The action still happens on an island in the middle of the ocean. Doesn’t that water look nice? Too bad nothing else does…

Chickens ‘n Kittens

We’ve been hard at work on CnK. And to prove it the next several posts are going to go back and explore the long, winding road that brought us here.

First there was just an idea. The idea was that the game would take place on an island in the middle of an empty ocean. The game would be top-down third-person perspective. You would control the player and throw grenades at the kittens without blowing up your chickens.

Screenshot of empty island

The above image is the very first screenshot of what became Chickens n Kittens. In those days the code was C++ and OpenGL.

Same island but prettier

After more work the graphics began to improve. Now the island has a little more defined shape, the water fades into the foggy distance and has a bit of transparency.

Even prettier version of the island

After even more work the transparency of the water is based on how deep it is, so the island fades into the water a little more realistically. It looks okay, but all this fussing around with the water is taking way too long…