The Making of Chickens ‘n Kittens, Part 4

This is Part 4 in the Making Of Chickens n Kittens series. Part 3 is here.

Now that the island is floating in the sky, how do the kittens even get to the island? Well, the most obvious answer is they parachute in.

Screenshot of spider monster kittens parachuting down to the island

See the peppermint near the top of the screen? That is actually a parachute. There is a kitten hanging below it. There is another kitten just entering the scene on the upper right. Okay, obviously those aren’t kittens. Those are placeholder spiders we used while working on the skeletal animation.

See the rainbow colored contraption at the top of the screen? That is the catapult. It was eventually removed from the game, but the idea was the player could grab a kitten, load it into the catapult, and launch it into the blue. You could aim the catapult using a spyglass that even had a slick refraction effect. The catapult was eventually removed because it didn’t really add anything to the game. Why should the player spend all the time and effort required to catch a kitten, carry the kitten over to the catapult, load the catapult, and fire? It was easier just to throw a grenade.

One last major change from Part 3 is that the entire game has been ported from C++ and OpenGL to C# and XNA. That gave us the ability to run the game on the Xbox 360, which seemed like a great idea.

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