The Making of Chickens ‘n Kittens, Part 6

This is Part 6 in the Making Of Chickens n Kittens series. Part 5 is here.

As you could see from Part 5, using clay still doesn’t look all that great. But even worse, the game still just isn’t that much fun. The idea of the player controlling a little guy on the ground, running around and throwing grenades and firing rockets, just isn’t as much fun as expected. One of the core gameplay mechanics is precisely killing the kittens while avoiding harming the chickens, yet playing with grenades and rockets via a guy on the ground is practically impossible. Big changes are needed.

In the screenshot below you can see the game as it existed in the beginning of 2012. By changing the game to a point-and-click-to-fire kind of thing we’ve solved all sorts of problems. Now the core gameplay mechanic works and the game is a lot more fun. And by simplifying the perspective we can also simplify the art, which is good, development-timeline-wise.


Here is a screenshot of what the menus looked like. That’s Eggman, the snarky guide who was originally intended to accompany you and give you tips and help as you needed. He got removed later on.Menu screenshot

Chickens n Kittens merch!

If that bird flinging simulator can have lunchboxes and plush dolls and underwear, why shouldn’t Chickens n Kittens? Here is a prototype for what a hypothetical t-shirt might look like. Just imagine the kind of lustful stares you’d get walking around wearing this.
Chicken t-shirt

New screenshot

It’s been too long since the last update. CnK is not dead, and to prove it, here is a brand new screenshot.

The plain blue sky seemed boring, so now there are clouds floating peacefully by. And now the toy icons hug the sides of the island. This was so that the cursor/finger doesn’t have to travel as far to select a new toy.

These aren’t the only changes that have happened in the past few months, but the other changes will have to wait for another post.