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Chickens n Kittens is a top-down action-arcade game that requires the player to use missiles, lasers, lightning, and other weapons to protect their chicken flock against an invading horde of hungry kittens. The player can earn additional, more powerful weapons as the game progresses, which is a good thing, because the kittens only get more numerous, powerful, and hungry. Just be careful not to hurt your chickens! As a wise person once said long ago, "as a missile explodes a kitten, so explodes a chicken."



It has been hundreds of years since we Turkeys first enslaved the chickens after the Great Wars with the kittens. But eventually we had enough stone monuments and gold palaces. So we found a new way to profit off of our lesser, weaker, inferior cousins. A more modern, humane way.

It was a simple business plan. We'd raise the chickens on our farms hidden way up in the sky, wait until the chickens were fat and delicous, package them up, and ship them to the kittens, and the kittens would pay for them. They had to. How else would they get the chicken meat they so desperately craved? It made lots of turkeys very rich. Of course, there were those who warned the kittens could not be trusted. But we didn't listen. After all, we had nothing to worry about as long as the kittens didn't know the location of our hidden farms high in the sky.

But it wouldn't last. No one knows exactly when they found us. All we know is that one day the kittens began invading, slaughtering and devouring our chickens! It doesn't matter how high in the sky we build the farms, the kittens just keep coming! Not since the Great Wars hundreds of years ago have we seen such bloodshed! Thousands of chickens have been killed! Fortunes are lost! Worst of all, the kittens refuse to pay every bill we send them!

The Turkey Nobles are demanding that the Turkey King do something. We must find someone to help us fight the kittens and protect our Turkey way of life.

- Royal Turkey Historian, Morius Calicius



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Mondegreen Games is an independent game studio started in 2012 by B Farris. Making games seemed like a nice way to pass the time, so that's what he did.